Uneventful memorial weekend.


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Memorial weekend sent a lot of people out of town I guess. We went to church and we were surprised to see the parking lot almost clear. The church was half-full. We went to an Italian pizzeria and restaurant that is almost always full every time but three tables were just occupied.

We should have tried going to the city, I said, I am pretty sure there will be no people lining up on any of the well-known restaurants there. But we’re happy where we were and what we did. Church and that quiet dinner.

Pinoy Accent.


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MyTrafficLife.com, PapersPrintsAndWhatnots.com, 100WordsofFiction, 52WeeksOfInstax, and now PinoyAccent.com.

I know it’s a lot to handle but I will be slowly moving to PinoyAccent.com because the settings of MyTrafficLife.com is giving me a little headache. It’s running in Joomla and it is outdated. It’s hard to update, knowing all those data of more than 5 years will be lost. And you cannot just ask me to stop writing or blogging. So there.

PapersPrintsAndWhatnots.com100WordsofFiction, and 52WeeksOfInstax are of different genre of course. I am keeping them.

So there, another blog to follow. You may now go to PinoyAccent.com and press that Follow button.




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Boe is a rescued dog. He wandered for over a year. Someone took him in when some rednecks threatened to shoot him. Who knows how old Boe is.

Today he was limping. There is a spot in his hind leg that he was licking. Boe was brought to the vet.

I fell in love with Boe the moment I saw him. He was quiet and he welcomes all my hugs and kisses. He has made my four-day stay in the mansion more fun.

Dear God, please take care of Boe and bless the family that he is in.

50 States of America.


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I have been to 9 states of America in my 5 years of stay in the country– New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Florida, Utah, Nevada, and California. I count the nation’s capital (Washington, D.C.) as my 10th, although it is not really a state. But yes, I have been there, too.

This week, I will be off to my 11th state– Missouri. It is work-related but I am excited just the same. It’s my first time to bring just a carry-on bag. I usually have a baggage checked-in and a carry-on.

I wonder which state should I visit next.



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“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” (Matthew 7:7)

The end of the Lenten season has left me asking why one should ask when he already believe that everything is already planned and the answer is already there. God knows everything even those things that we are just about to think. In fact what we really need, He has already given. What has to be done, He has already done. Sometimes I think that these kind of thoughts have made me the carefree person that I am today.


When is death welcome?


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Sadly, some people I know welcomed the month of April by saying goodbye to their mothers. Two to be exact. One of them I had been praying for recovery every single day. Maybe old age works that way. There’s nowhere else to go but up there, back to our Creator.

It is a heavy thought and it leaves me a heavy heart whenever I think about it. But it is a comfort to know that all the pain is gone and I would like to think that by losing someone we gain an angel to watch over us.

Goodbye, Coffee.


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I love coffee. The taste, the smell, the effect it has on me, and all. It boosts my energy. It keeps me awake when I need to be awake. I need coffee.

But I recently discovered that my tummy and coffee doesn’t get along now or at least they stopped to get along well. I am not a heavy coffee-drinker. How can my body suddenly reject coffee? Last Saturday, for the last time, I tried to drink a cup. I threw up. That was it for me.

Turning to black tea and dark chocolates for my caffeine fix now.



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Miles is talking to the vet. She brought Lego there early this morning for a check up. Lego is her Dachshund dog. Miles is not sure if he is 9 or older. She has him for over four years now. He’s adopted. His previous owner died. She fell on on the stairs. Lego is the only witness in her previous owner’s death. Lego is a good dog. He never complains. Never whines. But last night Miles noticed he is bumping into things.

“His sight is deteriorating,” the vet said. “Maybe old age. Maybe brain tumor.”

Cat caught your finger?


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“Can I see my cat now, Doc?”


“Can I feed my cat now? She did not eat at all before the surgery.”

“No. She just woke up from the anesthesia.”

“But she is hungry. Can I just pet her then?”

“Your cat is feral. She just went under the knife and is just waking up. I would rather that you do not touch her.”

“Ohhh. She is good to me.”

(She put her hand inside the cage. The feral cat was threatened and bit her finger and scratched her hand)

“Oh! She hates me because I brought her here.”